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Asphalt Paving Pros LLC, a leading paving contractor, is the best in the business. Our team of experts brings innovation and expertise to every project. We specialize in asphalt paving and provide durable and visually pleasing surfaces for roads, parking lots and driveways. Our customer-centric approach ensures transparent communication, timely completion, and budget adherence. As a trusted partner in paving, we place a high priority on customer satisfaction and emphasize quality craftsmanship that exceeds industry standards. Asphalt Paving Pros LLC paves the way for success by ensuring that every surface we work on is a testament to how committed we are to precision and durability. Choose Asphalt Paving Pros LLC for unmatched professionalism, reliability, and a seamless paving experience that transforms surfaces into lasting assets.


About Middleton

Middleton is a city in Dane County, Wisconsin, United States, and a suburb of the state capital, Madison. Middleton's motto is "The Good Neighbor City." The population was 21,827 at the 2020 census. == History == The first settlers were mostly of English descent, and they came to Middleton in the 1840s. It was called Peatville for the large quantities of peat extracted from its soil. The village was renamed Middleton when it was separated from the town of Madison in 1848.

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